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29-May-2020 05:15

She convinces Ross that this is his chance of getting Paul's blessing because she can change his opinion of Ross.Paul finally agrees that Ross isn't "..bad." Paul, later, changes his mind and tells Ross not to see Elizabeth anymore or he will call the university and have him fired by informing them of his relationship with one of his students.

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Ross asks for a chance to impress Paul and he gives him 2 minutes to do so.Could there be a guaranteed way to be more lucky in love?YES Learn dating secrets of women who are lucky and successful with men. Perhaps you broke up from your long term relationship ear...What I do know is that you are hurting, as have many of my clients.

And just as many of my clients have found love, so can you. I work with women who have been focusing on their career and now want personal and romantic success.

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