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30-Jun-2020 03:00

it goes back to the 17th century In several southern European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece or Cyprus, it is rather uncommon for most locals to have separate bills, and is sometimes even regarded as rude, especially when in larger groups.

But in urban areas or places frequented by tourists this has changed over the last decades.

In Catalonia "going Dutch" is the rule among Catalans.

This is referred to in the Spanish language as pagar a la catalana ('to pay as the Catalans [do]', 'to pay Catalan-style').

"Going Dutch" (sometimes written with lower-case dutch) is a term that indicates that each person participating in a paid activity covers their own expenses, rather than any one person in the group defraying the cost for the entire group.

The term stems from restaurant dining etiquette in the Western world where each person pays for their meal.

During meals such as birthdays, first-dates or company business lunches, an expectation develops based on social traditions, personal income, and the strength of relationship between the parties.That said white Dutch men do like black women overall once they get to know them.Maybe not always in a romantic sense but in my experience they are more proud to be a woman, cheerfuller and more alive than white Dutch girls so there is not a lot of reasons for us to not like these black women from Suriname or the Antilles.In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Iran it was not the prevailing method due to complex societal pressures.

But now-a-days it's quite the convention in most of these countries.Another similar expression is sherke halabieh (meaning 'sharing the Aleppo way'), which bears a similar connotation.