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12-Aug-2020 08:56

The psychological reasoning is influenced by how education is seen as an indicator of quality across many cultures.In other words, education is "often associated with social status and intelligence — both attributes that are highly sought after," explained Whyte.Australian researchers explored similarities and differences in the preferences of men and women when they participated in online dating.Preferences in education levels were a specific focus in the study which analyzed members on the dating website RSVP.For many people, dating apps and matchmaking websites have not only changed the way they pursue potential partners but also the kind of expectations they have.While some believe that technology has eased the dating process and increased our chances of finding connections, others believe that the paradox of choice is actually doing the opposite.Of this group, 93% had never been married Tinder replied – though this figure (drawn from ONS data) pertains only to the UK, as it was made in response to request from The Guardian (in all Tinder claimed 1.7% of its users were married).Global Web Index hit back, arguing the veracity of their methodology.

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It works through a simple interface that allows users to swipe right to ‘like’ or left to ‘pass’.The study titled "Do men and women know what they want?Sex differences in educational preference" was published in the journal Psychological Science on June 22.With its basis in physical proximity, it dispenses with the complex algorithms utilised by other mobile dating apps and simply reduces it to the simplest level that you might find in real life: physical attraction.

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For that reason, Tinder has gained a reputation as a ‘hook-up app’ – though with its entrenchment in the world of modern dating, it’s not uncommon for Tinder users to be looking for a deeper connection.Breaking that down, 30% of surveyed users (of a sample of 47,000) were married, with another 12% on top of this in a relationship.