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In cases that do NOT list a fine amount on the citation, the court has the authority to impose a fine for any amount less or equal to the maximum penalty. The law requires DMV automatically to apply the points, and the court has no authority to adjust them.Read more about driver's license points and how to reduce the number of points on your license. For the most part, slippery roads are not a defense to traffic citations.You are not allowed to serve the subpoena yourself.Showing up with an affidavit or a written statement from the witness is not a substitute for the witness testifying in court. If you don't want to ask questions, that's fine as it is not required.

"For example, the legality of any network targeting particular demographic groups would be called into question, including, inter alia, the Lifetime Network (targeted to female audiences), the Black Entertainment Channel (targeted to African-Americans), Telemundo (targeted to Latinos), the Jewish Channel, the Christian Broadcast Channel, the Inspiration Network (targeted to Protestants) and LOGO (targeted to gays and lesbians)," the judge's opinion reads.

Return to top of page In some locations, you can talk to the prosecutor ahead of time to try to reach a deal. In most places the police officer will not negotiate but in a few locations, the officer may negotiate a deal right before the trial. Return to top of page You have a right to make the police officer prove the case at trial.

You are presumed innocent and don't have to present any evidence yourself, although you can if you want to.

In other words, the witness must testify in person or by phone. You would cross-examine if you think your questions will cause the officer to provide answers that will help you.

You get your turn to tell your side of the story AFTER the officer gives his or her own statement. This is called discovery and you have a right to review anything the officer will show or use at trial, including the police report.Also, a witness can only testify about what the witness saw first-hand, not what somebody else said happened. If your witness will not voluntarily appear for trial, you can ask the court clerk to issue a subpoena requiring the witness to appear.