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26-Feb-2020 11:51

Our office arranges Cruises and Land Vacations for Dialysis Patients, Patients with Respiratory Problems, Wheelchair Bound Travelers and for Families that require Special Medical Needs Travel We deliver oxygen to: airports, cruise ships, hotels, motels, resorts, private homes, health care facilities, automobiles, buses, limos, trains other entities everyday.Our goal is to provide you with the best service in the world.Our trips are designed for people with developmental disabilities and special needs who require staff assistance for a safe and enjoyable vacation. Wings On Wheels is an independent company which specializes in developing and arranging UK, European and Worldwide holidays for disabled people, their carers, relatives and friends.We are experienced in providing holidays for those who need that little extra attention.

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From the moment you decide to go on a cruise, your cruise experience begins.

Making good decisions early in your planning will make the difference between the experience of a lifetime and a bad experience that lasts a lifetime.

The choice of your cruise ship should perfectly fit your needs, abilities, lifestyle and budget.

If one of our supervised tours does not meet your needs, Exceptional Vacations can put together a custom travel package for your individual or group travel. We are proud to be the only Canadian tour company/travel agency which specializes in accessible travel.

We are able to make arrangements for all disabilities and interests. Whether you are a wheelchair traveler, slow walker or a mature traveler with special needs, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your journeys are smooth, barrier-free and fun travel experiences. specializes in travel arrangements for persons with physical disabilities, their families and friends.

Is one of oldest specialist Travel Services, we offer a personal Travel Service to the less able their families and friends.

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