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Consequently, immature, undiscerning Christians will often harm themselves and their families by allowing error to influence them.

Let me emphasize again that these Christians fell into this state because they failed to rightly exercise the spiritual faculties that God gave them.

Much of the content of this article has come to me from three distinguished Bible teachers: Dr.

Jay Adams, father of the biblical counseling movement; Dr.

Of course not, for God’s truth, the Bible, tells us of God’s love. Truth, then, is prior to love because it declares and defines love. Fourth and finally, the Bible tells us that truth is promoted by love. And your knowledgeable physician tells you that your child can be saved only by taking orally a powerful medication. And your child must have a huge dose.” “Oh, no,” you think, “I hate to see my child suffer in getting down that sickening medicine.” “I just remembered something,” declares the physician. Certainly, God’s ideal is BOTH, the truth with the love, the medicine with the syrup. But be assured of this, that the greatest virtue of all is truth.

One author has said that truth is the foundation upon which love stands. say that love is the greatest, that all other virtues are subservient to love? Biblical love never minimizes truth but rather motivates truth as Paul explains in Eph. “I have some sweet syrup that we can mix with this repulsive medicine so that he won’t taste the bitterness of the medicine.” Now, fathers, if you didn’t have that choice of mixing the two together, would you give your child the syrup without the medicine or the medicine without the syrup? And when we speak the truth in love, the medicine goes down so much easier, doesn’t it? In addition to human sentimentalism, there is a second serious hindrance to our growth in discernment.

And many Christians fall prey because they do not know how — or simply do not care — to distinguish truth from error in either doctrine or lifestyle. To them, most issues of life are not black or white but gray; and Christians who try to think and live according to biblical ideals are accused of majoring on the minors. Buckley has said that he has a jeweler’s eye for political truths.

Most modern Christians might fit in rather comfortably with the Corinthian believers who congratulated themselves for their broad and tolerant views. The jeweler has the ability to distinguish one gem from another in order to assess its true value.

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This spiritual ailment afflicted them because they had failed to regularly distinguish truth from error in the issues of life.Some sincere Christians might well ask, “What about love and unity in the body of Christ?Doesn’t the practice of truth circles violate Christ’s appeal and prayer for love and unity among the brethren (John ; ff)?Scripture tells us that God is love and also that God is truth (1 John ; 1:5-7).

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These two completely compatible virtues were perfectly and fully manifested in our Lord Jesus Christ (“full of grace and truth” — John ) and, ultimately, in the Cross (2 Cor. Someone has said, justice (truth) and mercy (love) kissed at the Cross. In truth’s greatest description of love, the love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13, truth gives love its boundaries of operation: Love is patient, kind, not jealous, not arrogant, not rude, or selfish, or irritable, or resentful; love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And whether it’s mixed with the syrup or not, it’s got to get into the child or the child will die.The word “dull” in verse 11 literally means one who is sluggish, slow, unconcerned, or lazy.

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