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03-Mar-2020 02:20

To apply, you must call or visit your local Social Security Office, which you can find by calling 1-800-772-1213, or using the online SSA office locator.Once you meet with Social Security representatives, they will determine whether you qualify for SSI or SSDI.Some plans offer benefits for those limited to performing only some of their job duties, while others only award benefits to those completely unable to work, as in the case of SSDI.One more bonus is that you may be able to receive private insurance payments in tandem with SSDI payments.Here are two alternatives: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 33% of workers had long-term disability insurance in 2014, while 39% had a short-term insurance plan.Disability insurance is offered by many employers, and typically holds significant advantages over federally-funded SSDI.

Remember: working full-time for a year earns you 4 work credits.Qualifying for SSI benefits is not based on your work history, but rather your means, assets and disability status.