Different kinds of dating relationships

03-Sep-2020 20:00

and neither knows that the other is remotely interested. Despite your seemingly close friendship, you're so afraid of making things “weird” that you will NEVER address what happens after those tequila shots.

You leave Thursdays free (date night, duh), and you honestly can’t remember the last night you fell asleep without being the little spoon. You hang out at all the same places, and the two of you can talk about anything … To put it simply, you know nothing about this person.

Sure, the guy who took me to the five-star restaurant, gave me the best orgasm of my life and made me laugh until I cried was great. He -- or she -- is a past love we've planted on a throne that no future person could ever reach.

Whether he’s a late-night booty call or a friend you hook up with sometimes, this situation has been going on for a while, and you two lovebirds have grown pretty comfortable.

So for my own sake (and the sake of other nosy people like myself), I’ve developed 4 categories of dating to help clarify things and lessen the confusion surrounding dating. Dating to See Goal: Knowledge This type of dating is more intentional.

You’re not trying to scope out the other person to see if they are marriage material. And friends spend time with each other to have fun.

It might be informal and private, or it might be a public affair involving family or community approval.

In most cases, it involves a commitment to an exclusive relationship with the other person to make this decision.

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When a friend tells me that he or she is dating, I usually ask them to explain what exactly they mean by the word “dating.” When they give me a blank stare, I prompt them by asking: Is it casual dating? But at this stage of dating, they are not ready to pick up and move to the other person’s city. Courtship) Goal: Making a yes or no decision about marriage The old-fashioned name of this type of dating is called “courtship.” During courtship, a couple gets to know each other for the purpose of deciding whether they should get married or not.

Even though you know it's not necessarily going anywhere, you've gotten so cozy with this weird setup that you can't bring yourself to end the damn thing.

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