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16-May-2020 01:02

Back in 2006, and before her popularity really soared, Kim began a relationship with 98 degrees’ Nick Lachey.The relationship was short-lived, just like many of Kim’s other romances.But just a couple weeks after confirming the relationship to the public, the two called it quits.Miles’ football career and Kim’s commitments to filming her reality show forced the couple into a long-distance relationship that just couldn’t stand the test of time.Kim denied she ever filmed herself having sex with Ray J at all.When the tape was released, he cut ties with her immediately.But till this day, he considers her to be “one of the nicest people” he has ever met.

It’s a pretty embarrassing way to launch a career, but we doubt Kim even cares at this point.Let’s take a look back at 10 men Kim Kardashian has slept with.If you blinked, you may have missed Kim’s brief relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.And after the breakup, Nick accused Kim of using him for publicity.

He said that during an outing to go catch a movie, no one followed them to the movie theater.Two weeks after meeting the reality star, Shengo phoned his wife and told her he didn’t want to be married anymore.