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However, on October 24,1956 Dhanbad was notified as a full-fledged district with an area of 2886 square kilometers. As far as literacy is concerned there are 17,52,787 literates and 5,62,473 are illiterates. मुकेश वर्मा पे0 राधेश्याम वर्मा तीनो सा0 नयाडीह कुसुण्डा 5 नन्दकिशोर रजक पे0 पत्ता रजक सा0 खास झरिया थाना झरिया 6. Police is motivating the rural youths for taking part in developmental process going on in these areas.Dhanbad district, now within the state of Jharkhand consists of One Parliamentary constituency (07- Dhanbad), Six Legislative Assembly (Tundi, Baghmara, Sindri, Nirsa, Dhanbad and Jharia), One Sub division Sadar (Dhanabd), Dhanbad Nagar Nigam, Chirkunda Nagar Panchayat, 08 Blocks, 17 parent Police stations, 12 subsidiary Police stations, 23 Out Posts, 383 Panchayats and 1348 villages (Chiragi). The rainfall during July 2011 is 179.3 mm and that in August 491 mm. विजय कुमार उर्फ टिकिया पे0 जनार्धन महतो उर्फ मोहनसिंह सरदार सा0 जामाडोबा श्रीमोहन धौड़ा थाना जोरापोखर सभी जिला धनबाद 7. विजय डोम, पे0-बाबुलाल डोम, सा0-रानीगंज सालडंगाल बाउरीपाड़ा, थाना-रानीगंज, बर्द्धमान, पश्चिम बंगाल 2. Mukhias and other elected representative have also been taken into confidence.We are a brand trusted by guests visiting our property, be it a tourist, a corporate team, a honeymooned or anyone looking for a leisurely get away, Here’s a reason to lounge without a worry.Our rooms are designed with comfort and convenience in mind providing a place to unwind or to catch up on work.In the dawn of the independence there was no institution of the higher learning in the coal belt of Jharia-Dhanbad.The Students of this educationally backward area were in dire need of a college in those days. Altogether 114.44 Kilometer stretch of National highway passes through the district and the length of state highway is 242 km.

Being famous as a district of coal, Dhanbad came in to existence as a police district in the year 1928 as a part of Manbhum district having its headquarter in Purulia (now in west Bengal). The total population of this district is 26,82,662 out of which 14,05,776 are males and 12,76,515 are females. कारू भुईया उर्फ विष्णु भुईया पे0 भुनेश्वर भुई्रया 4. Some employment oriented schemes have been launched in rural areas of naxal affected Police Stations.Voting in Jharkhand will be held for 14 Lok Sabha seats.