Dendrogeomorphology review and new techniques of tree ring dating Free cybersex chat rooms no credit card

26-Nov-2019 04:10

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Using tree-ring eccentricity allows to (1) obtain a dynamic depiction of slopes, (2) study landslide activity, not only contemporary, but also in the last tens of hundreds of years (depending on the stand age).

Over the last few years, rockfall research has increasingly focused on hazard assessment and risk analysis.

Dendrochronological methods can be applied to the reconstruction of different types of environmental events such as climate changes, fires, glacier movements, floods, earthquakes, volcano activity.

In the field of geomorphology dendrochronology is increasingly frequently used for the absolute dating of different types of mass-movements (rock falls, landslides and debris flows, etc.).

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There have been landslides of various types in the study area (e.g.Dating changes in wood anatomy allows to date and precisely reconstruct the spatial and temporal occurrence of mass-movements with at least one year resolution.