Dead end dating book 6

20-Jan-2020 06:55

This book contains an account of visions in symbolic and allegorical language borrowed extensively from the Old Testament, especially Ezekiel, Zechariah, and Daniel.

A significant feature of apocalyptic writing is the use of symbolic colors, metals, garments (Rev –16; ; 4:4; 6:1–8; 17:4; 19:8), and numbers (four signifies the world, six imperfection, seven totality or perfection, twelve Israel’s tribes or the apostles, one thousand immensity).

Such literature enjoyed wide popularity in both Jewish and Christian circles from ca. The author used these images to suggest Christ’s universal (seven) power (horns) and knowledge (eyes).

Whether or not these visions were real experiences of the author or simply literary conventions employed by him is an open question.

The Book of Revelation cannot be adequately understood except against the historical background that occasioned its writing.

Like Daniel and other apocalypses, it was composed as resistance literature to meet a crisis.

This is the enduring message of the book; it is a message of hope and consolation and challenge for all who dare to believe.

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It is a triumph that unfolded in the history of Jesus of Nazareth and continues to unfold in the history of the individual Christian who follows the way of the cross, even, if necessary, to a martyr’s death.

Suffering, persecution, even death by martyrdom, though remaining impenetrable mysteries of evil, do not comprise an absurd dead end.

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