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09-Dec-2019 14:51

Here’s a comment one of many I’ve sent within my first few weeks of being on this app.

I tried to get my money back because of the following; there is literally no screening of compatibility, when you visit a person- it automatically sends a flirt message to the person’s site you’ve visited – with your interested or not.

Payments are made in US currency and paid weekly, or monthly upon request.

Weekly is defined from Sunday to Saturday and monthly is defined as a calendar month. Bank Wire payments have a 35 minimum ( fee) and Paxum payments have a 25 minimum ( fee).

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Should a check or wire need to be reissued for any reason, there will be a stop payment and reissuing fee of deducted from the payment. PPS/PPT stats are updated hourly (approximately 10 min after the hour) and PPL are updated every 5 minutes.In the world of the affluent there is plenty of room for luxury food and drink, prestige cars, modern trendy housing, fashion, art, design, jewellery and more.Because affluence is all about luxury, beauty and craft in the broadest sense of the word.Log into your affiliate account using your username and password, be sure you’re logging into the correct program type.

Yii 2 Basic Application Template is a skeleton Yii 2 application best for rapidly creating small projects.

The Dating affiliate program allows affiliates to earn up to Per Lead (PPL), Per Trial (PPT) or 0 Per Sale (PPS) for every signup that is generated.