Dating your singer machine pros and cons of dating a fraternity guy

27-Apr-2020 23:22

The one exception I can think of is the Singer 222.

It's the free arm version of the Singer Featherweight and there were just a few made. As far as, the rest go they were mass produced machines.

It is nice to have but know that Singer is the only sewing machine company you can do this with.

I use ISMACS database for Singer Sewing Machine serial numbers.

It's great if you just have a couple of pictures to go off of to identify a machine.

I wish I could say that we have every machine Singer ever made with a full tutorial on how to use the machine. You can see the posts we have on Singer sewing machines here.

THIS INFORMATION SHOULD NOT BE USED TO DERTIMINE SEWING MACHINE VALUE.The first machine for family use, Singer's new "Family" sewing machine, was manufactured from 1858-1861.