Dating young men

25-Oct-2020 23:40

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Bad boys possess that irresistible charm most girls just can't seem to resist and, for many women, so does nerds!You may just have to look closer to see why they make the best boyfriends in the world.If they don't, you can expect that they'll figure it out one way or another.We think this is one of the coolest reasons to date a nerd and we know you'd agree!So when you're dating a nerd, expect no judgment for the clothes you wear and your inability to get a perfect score in any Math exam.He definitely understands the feeling and he'll be there to boost your morale.Since most of them aren't into sports (especially the extreme ones), you don't have to pretend that you're into it.You don't have to play their cheerleader when they're out in the sun playing their basketball because they only play basketball on the computer, leading us to the next point.

That's just how life is for them and this is just another great reason you should date a nerd.

Having a nerd for a boyfriend is best when you're feeling down.

He'll listen, give you a hug, buy you an XL coffee, and make you feel you're not alone.

Their deep level of curiosity for everything leads to them exploring stuff over and over. Well, this means that they'll exert every effort to make you a happy girlfriend…and they'll work their ass off in turning you into an insanely satisfied girlfriend in bed. Can't answer a difficult question in your Trigonometry class? When you're dating a nerd, you don't have to sweat the small stuff.

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Since nerds spent their childhood learning nerdy stuff, being curious about everything under the sun, and testing just about anything to solve a problem at hand, they undoubtedly have an answer to your pressing issues in life.Just be yourself and focus on doing everything you can to make him enjoy the sleepover.