Dating website for ghosts

08-Jul-2020 05:08

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Wondering what you should write in your Ghost Singles bio?

Well, everyone seems keen on providing details about how horribly, tragically, mysteriously or suddenly they died, so you could go with that, or if you’re really feeling creative, you could write about how you plan on spending eternity, and how interested ghosts would fit into your plans.

” You can meet other single and lonely dead folks through Ghost, a fantastic website dedicated to all the ghosts out there, no matter what century they died in.

If you’ve ever dreamed of dating someone like Marylin Monroe, Marie Antoinette or even Cleopatra, this is your chance.

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Instead of worrying about serious issues like lack of time for a real relationship and financial problems, all you need to think about these days are questions like “does my butt look too transparent” or “if a person died in the 1850s and I died in the 1920s, does that make them too old for me?

03 April 2018 | Ghosts in the news, Your True Encounters Just recently, the news has been full of lurid stories of sex with ghosts.