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Lead guitars and final drum tracks were completed today and the next session will hopefully see vocals completed. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is or what it will be, but Saturday, February 16, 2019 saw the two of us convene in Fief Fifty's modest and tight little home studio (I was on drums, Clayton was on guitar and we played a short but very sweet 26 minute session, which was captured both on video and on tape (currently, for archival use only...sorry). As of now there are no plans to make anything public, nor do we have a name or even a mission statement to speak of.None of that matters at this point and if anything should come out of it which could be released it would not be affiliated with my personal projects here at VHOD.I would, however, try to arrange them in a fashion which would make some kind of sense. This is a ways off at this point but it will happen sooner or later.In the meantime, VHOD will continue to release singles over the next few months and to get at least a bit of singing in before the end of the year, TRANSIR will be releasing the follow up/sister single to 2017's 'Subterria' called 'Sunderia'.The dreams comprised of bizarre tribulations and unanswerable riddles. I watched the dust and sands blow by on this plain in the desert of my life but each time I looked to the ground it appeared the same - always the same. Albeit of varying shades and textures, it is all vomit. PATHOGENESIS is the culmination of these developments. This may be career suicide but it feels more like career rebirth. I was visited in some form by every spirit of the dead I once knew, and each was just as strange as they were familiar. A numbness encircled this dreamscape like the ice upon a frozen lake in the most bitter of winters. Musically, I knew it was time to bury some metaphorical-corpses. Being inspired I tried to write some new music...playing empty chords and toiling over progressions which have been done to death. PATHOGENESIS is the new album I am currently working on. Those of you who download the track (for free, by the way) at the above link will find the original image enclosed in the zip folder. During the month of October I managed to write and record the second part of the 'Extinctus' series of singles (the first being 2017's 'Subterria') and it will be released November 2, 2018. I originally had intended to record and release it immediately after part 1 in late 2017 but a deep decline of inspiration lead me on a less majestic path.

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This may not appeal to many...having bits and pieces of riffs without any structure or emotional groove.Same as above..a brief remix and off to cyberwaste.Clearly, I adore Metal, and it will always be my wheelhouse.This piece, especially the last solo at , is dedicated to my late sister, Jessica Colleen Shaver, who passed earlier this year from a lengthy but admirably fought battle with Huntington's Disease. RIP Teshie :(I still have a concept to realize which I've called 'Riff Tapes'.

In essence this would be a collection of single riffs or some short progressions of riffs all neatly and soundly organized on to a full-length album.

April 6, 2019, at Fief Fifty Studios, SHADU-NAR-MATTARU officially started work on the first album. March 9, 2019 saw the second Jam Sesh with Clayton and before we cut tape we came up with a band name... At last after aeons of past-ancient haunting ghosts, we are free to once again make quest into the unknown and draw a path in the sand, snow and woods anew with an exciting and eagerly awaited darkness and vision-fueled endeavor...cousin, Clayton M.