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Also manufactured by White, this machine could perform a zig-zag stitch.This new stitch allowed seamstresses to sew seams that could stretch.According to the International Sewing Machine Collectors Society, one of the most popular Kenmore machines ever made was the Model 71.The fact that it was lightweight was likely responsible for some of its popularity.You can find the Model 117 Kenmore on e Bay and in antique shops.Many of these older machines still function perfectly and can handle your basic sewing needs.

The following retailers sometimes offer old Kenmore models: Although Sears, Roebuck, & Company sold treadle sewing machines as early as the 1890s, they did not begin selling Kenmore-branded machines until 1933.It had a simple textured surface and no decoration.It can be difficult to find an original Kenmore for sale, since there were fewer of these machines made than subsequent models.Today there are hundreds of vintage Kenmore sewing machines available for collectors and enthusiasts.

You can find vintage Kenmore machines locally at flea markets, garage and estate sales, thrift stores, and second-hand shops.“This pattern is from 1908.” “This pattern is from 1919.” “This pattern is from 1899.” We have all seen it. But is that old pattern you’ve got *really* from when it says it is? Hang on there, and we’ll talk about now to navigate the world of patterns and patents.

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