Dating two woman at the same time

21-Jul-2020 19:29

dating two woman at the same time-50

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It disgusts me what he did, so I must have a problem if I still love him.

I think I'm attached as well because we lost three babies and I hold on to the thought of us having our family that we both wanted so badly.

He just didn't end it with her until he was forced to by her showing up while i was there.

Are some men just cowards, or can they get stuck in something like that.

He wasn't wrong for trying to move on, just for keeping us both.

I've read so much about this, and it's amazing to me how common this situation is.I think that because I was in it, and know what was going on on both sides, is why I am rationalizing things. you're rationalizing things because you are in a weird co-dependent emotionally abusive relationship and you are addicted to it. i have a feeling you are going to get back with him.

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