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05-Sep-2020 00:05

You wouldn’t want to be responsible for his injury, would you?

Things will go much more smoothly if you stay away until he’s on a break.

But you shouldn’t show any more skin than you need to at the gym.

Few things look tackier than a supposedly athletic girl strutting around with her cleavage literally thrusting out of her yoga tank or wearing a sports bra that barely covers more skin than a string bikini.

When you’re conscious of the fact that you’re gaping at an especially fine member of the male gender, force yourself to turn your eyes away and find a distraction.

Read a magazine, put on your earphones, or focus your attention on the gym television instead. Although acting like you’ve entered a staring contest is an absolute no-no, you should let the object of affection know that you’ve taken notice of his existence.

Once you’ve been labelled as stalker material, all your efforts to rearrange your schedule will have been for nothing. When a special guy does happen to be working out at the same time as you, don’t modify your workout in order to be closer to him or to get his attention.

You can certainly do this while leaving the majority of your body to the imagination.

You may love working out in the Mickey Mouse shirt you’ve had since you were 12 along with a ratty pair of sweatpants, but very few men will find you sexy if you show up at the gym in that. If you’ve randomly gone to your gym at a different time than you normally do, and a certain guy happened to catch your eye, you may be tempted to change your routine so that you can see him more often.

However, as you’ve likely picked your regular gym times in accordance with what you need to get done in a given day or week, it’s not worth it to inconvenience yourself in this way.

Won’t you start to find this incredibly irritating, no matter how hot the guy was?

If you continually stare at an attractive guy at the gym, he might feel a bit flattered, but if he’s like most of us – he’ll also start to feel a tad uncomfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, the gym is not just a torture chamber where we go to sweat away extra pounds, or, if you’re more fitness-inclined, a hub at which to train for your favorite sport.

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