Dating song disaster movie justin bieber dating saaria

06-Mar-2020 17:17

So yeah, he wanted me to play housemaid, but not in the way I was hoping...""I was majorly drunk and decided to go with a guy to his room.

Sadly, I was wearing too-high heels and tripped down the stairs.

turns out, I was now single, very horny and up for anything. I got there and, to my surprise, was presented with a plate of marmite toast fingers.

I don't like marmite and, after being promised a gourmet feast, was starving.

Not cool.""My guy invited me to his uni house for what I hoped was a kinky night in, as he asked me to bring a Frenchmaid's costume I wore for Halloween.

Sadly, I turned up to find empty pizza boxes, beer bottles and four guys slobbed out over an Xbox game.

"One of Ross' presentations can be checked out from the library, but it's in a section where people go to make out.

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But he kept calling me babe and then he asked me what was happening with us, bearing in mind that this was while I had my mouth occupied down below, so I looked up and said 'I dunno, I'll add you on Facebook or something.' Total mood killer, apparently!

) guy in my class so, after a running monologue, I asked him what his favourite animal was.

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