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There is also increased use of post-test clinical care and social support services, through improved referral systems.Interpersonal communication activities (IPC) have promoted service uptake.In order to improve referrals and linkages, TARGET collaborated with the Through the TARGET project, PSI/Lesotho has directly contributed to Lesotho’s National Multi-Sectoral HIV Prevention Strategy.

PSI is a key partner of the Ministry of Health and is Lesotho’s leading non-governmental provider of community-based HIV testing services (CBHTS).This is a partnership of local and international NGOs designed to implement high-quality, locally-produced social and behavioral change communication (SBCC) interventions.The aim is to motivate individuals and create supportive communities for the adoption and sustained use of HIV prevention products and services.PSI/Lesotho’s family planning programs also provided 255,453 couple-years of protection.

These statistics include the impact of sales and distribution of condoms by PSI/South Africa, PSI’s regional commercial entity in Southern Africa.

They have also supported home-based testing, mobile outreach, standalone static sites, and index client testing.