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15-Sep-2020 16:55

The ninth stage is secret, and often has a particular method of infiltration.Within each stage are multiple screens, all with events and battles of their own.When a chapter is completed, all trigger points currently accumulated are erased.The player is taken to a results screen showing how they performed in the chapter, and gains trigger points based on that performance that can be used in the next chapter.Each stage is made up of several screens, each screen having triggers to explore and potentially battles to engage in.In Look Mode, the player may press directional buttons corresponding to triggers shown on the screen.For each of the seven main chapters of the game, the player starts in Elendia, and is given a mission.The player then moves on to wherever that mission takes place, proceeding through nine stages, to the eighth stage which will contain the chapter boss.

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In a similar fashion to Look Mode, triggers will appear on the screen and a corresponding directional button must be pressed to move to them, adding a turn to the count.