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24-Mar-2020 09:35

Explains things clearly but does cover a lot in one class so if you miss a class it's a lot to catch up on. I sat in the front listened and participated and studied the study guide she gives and ended up making a 105 in the class with extra credit. She understands that it's core and not your major classes so she doesn't make it hard.

She gave worksheets to do in class to mark down participation but even if you missed class she would still let you take it home to do it. She does power points every class to explain everything in detail, provides study guides for test, & offers extra credit. Attend class so you won't miss any easy writing assignments(paragraph of political opinion/class material). Rogol is a very nice young lady and quirky and funny.

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Her way of taking attendance is by putting a question up on the screen and having everyone write down their answers on a sheet of paper and turning it in at th end of class.

If someone states a "fact" she just accepts it and tells the class to listen.

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She gives a LOT of extra credit opportunities and her study guides REALLY help with the tests. Thankfully she gives a lot of extra credit opportunities! Class consists of lecture and the occasional writing assignment at the end of class. Professor Rogol is a young professor and better understands that political science is a core class and that students need a satisfactory grade.

The online textbook is helpful, but it isn't a neccessity. She's lecture heavy and bases her lessons off Power Points. Your grade is made up of 3 test, cumlative worth 75%, and particiapation which is 25%.

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