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The difference in the number of rings identified between radii (57−48 = 9) does not match the two decades of difference in years obtained for the last rings of these radii.Assuming the tree was indeed planted in the 1930s, the 48 ring would be expected to date to the 1990s, rather than the resulting date of 2008– the Aegean, as well as in Egypt and the Levant, has been debated for decades.Based on archaeological correlations between the Aegean, Egypt and the Levant, the eruption of Santorini was believed to have occurred around 1500 BCE, after the beginning of the New Kingdom in Egypt century is the charred wood from an olive branch found buried under the tephra at Santorini.Charred olive wood is abundant in the archaeological record, especially around the Mediterranean.As the outermost ring closest to the bark is assumed to represent the latest time that the tree was alive, the radiocarbon date obtained from the outermost rings of an olive branch buried during the Santorini volcanic eruption is regarded as crucial evidence for the date of this cataclysmic event.We first analyzed a living branch, which was bearing other smaller branches with many green leaves from an olive tree growing at a location called Havat Hanania in northern Israel (Fig. The branch was cut in 2013, and the tree was likely originally planted in the 1930s.

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This process may result in wood of different ages from independent trunks or branches to merge and become visually undistinguishable.The date of this eruption has far reaching consequences in the archaeology of the Aegean, Egypt and the Levant, and the understanding of their interconnections.