Dating relationships men miss women

07-Oct-2020 17:47

Slow burning chemistry can grow as you get to know him.You want this type of chemistry when you’re over 50 dating if your goal is a long term relationship.Oftentimes, we put a high value on men qualities like looks and profession.A man can make a lot of money, yet be a snake in real life.Most women are looking for instant chemistry when they meet a man for the first time. The thing is, the “zing” is nothing more than a hormonal reaction as the bonding hormone, Oxytocin, surges through you. But, ultimately it can blind you to who a man really is.Strong chemistry quickly creates a false sense of feeling in love.What’s really happening is lust not love, from Oxytocin being continually released in your body. It’s great for having sex, but life doesn’t just happen in the bedroom.Make sure the man you feel the strong zing with can also be there for you as your friend and your companion. Next time you go on a date with a good man who treats you well and who is cute in your eyes, give him a chance even if you’re not feeling the instant zing.

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And that, not a grieving woman still hung up on her ex, is the type of woman a man is looking to share his life with.Being compatible doesn’t mean having everything in common.

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