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Danilevskiy suggests that the Rus' were originally not a nation but a social class, which can explain the irregularities in the Primary Chronicle and the lack of early non-Slavic sources.

The vast political state was subsequently divided into several parts.

The delegates included two men who called themselves "Rhos" ("Rhos vocari dicebant").

Louis inquired about their origins and learned that they were Swedes.

The Danish scholar Tor Karsten has pointed out that the territory of present-day Uppland, Södermanland and East Gothland in ancient times was known as Roðer or roðin.

Thomsen accordingly has suggested that Roðer probably derived from roðsmenn or roðskarlar, meaning seafarers or rowers.

One can assume that there was no original mention of the Varangians as the Rus' due to the old list predating the Primary Chronicle and the Synod Scroll only referred to the Primary Chronicle if the pages of the old list were blemished.

term to refer to the Rus' was Rugii, a name of the ancient East Germanic tribe related to the Goths.

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It became ubiquitous in English and French documents in the 12th century.

Ruthenia, first documented in the early 12th century Augsburg annals, was a Latin form preferred by the Apostolic Chancery of the Latin Church.

They harry the Slavs, using ships to reach them; they carry them off as slaves and... They have no fields but simply live on what they get from the Slav's lands...

When a son is born, the father will go up to the newborn baby, sword in hand; throwing it down, he says, "I shall not leave you with any property: You have only what you can provide with this weapon." or Rus'ian/Russian appears in the Primary Chronicle under the year 912.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.