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06-Jan-2020 21:15

This Getting Started guide will demonstrate metadata mappings using all three methods, but you only need to choose one.tag nested inside, which specifies that the primary key generation mechanism should automatically use the database platform's native id generation strategy (for example, AUTO INCREMENT in the case of My Sql, or Sequences in the case of Postgre Sql and Oracle).

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In this case, we'll use a file-based SQLite database.

It assumes a bunch of defaults that you don't have to bother about for now.

You can read up on the configuration details in the reference chapter on configuration.

You can easily recreate the database using the following commands: The id field has no setter since, generally speaking, your code should not set this value since it represents a database id value.

(Note that Doctrine itself can still set the value using the Reflection API instead of a defined setter function.) The next step for persistence with Doctrine is to describe the structure of the entity to Doctrine using a metadata language.This theme puts more focus on image content and social sharing.