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The Texas Red model uses the Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.The V30 is known for its strong midrange and is well suited for classic rock/lead guitar.Check the site to decipher the two-letter date code on the sticker.If there is no sticker, contact Fender with the serial number and they can tell you when it was made. Off-hand, have you ever seen any Fender Serial Numbersthat include date codes?To me, I agree that amplifers' serial numbers indicate minimal.Some serial numbers can fall into a group of SNs that may indicate a particular year.The chassis can also be found in the weird, plastic-cased Deco-Tone and in some Custom Shop amps with exotic wood cases such as bubinga.Other cabinet coverings include blond Tolex, dark brown Tolex with a wheat-colored grille (custom for a Canadian music store chain), and the Texas Red Tolex.

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Such as N for nineties, E for Eighties, S for seventies, etc?

Or, are we talking about the build date of "HJ" etc? Toppscore Guitars have a year code within the serial number as you've indicated, amplifiers do not.

Fender introduced the Blues Junior in 1995, and has revised and updated it periodically since then.

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Blues Junior history can be divided into two major categories: the early amps with green circuit boards and the later ones with cream-colored boards.Stock Speakers Outside the chassis, Fender has used several different speakers in some Blues Junior models.