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28-Mar-2020 09:40

The heat source is thought to be the decay of radioactive elements.

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Plate motions cause mountains to rise where plates push together, or converge, and continents to fracture and oceans to form where plates pull apart, or diverge.

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A tie plate, also known as base plate or sole plate, which is a steel plate that used between the steel rail and railway sleeper.

As the lithospheric plates move across Earth’s surface, driven by forces as yet not fully understood, they interact along their boundaries, diverging, converging, or slipping past each other.

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While the interiors of the plates are presumed to remain essentially undeformed, plate boundaries are the sites of many of the principal processes that shape the terrestrial surface, including earthquakes, volcanism, and orogeny (that is, formation of mountain ranges).Tie plate basically has some holes and shoulder(s).

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