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Under the Cebu Green Economy Series, we address themes such as: 1) clean and alternative energy; 2) green jobs and investments; 3) food security; 4) sustainable transportation; 5) sustainable waste management and resource conservation; 6) eco-friendly built environment and architecture, and 7) liveable cities and urban environment, to name a few.

To start the series, we are organizing a Renewable Energy (RE) Summit with the theme “Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Energy Development in Central Visayas” on March 7-8, 2011 at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall, Cebu City.

Since then FIDEC is referred to as the Central Visayas Fisherfolk Development Center, Inc.

Rationale With issues of climate change and environmental degradation brought into the limelight, calls for a shift in policy frameworks, development paradigms and lifestyles become ever more urgent.

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FIDEC is a non-stock, non-profit service institution for the marginal fisherfolk in region 7.

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There will also be a two-day exhibition highlighting best practices for the implementation of RE programs in communities, LGUs and NGOs.

Companies, banks, financial institutions and other organization that have products and services that advance the development of renewable energy are welcome to join the exhibition.

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