Dating only people site skinny

06-Apr-2020 08:50

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#Link In Bio The same way people have preconceived notions and prejudice against people based on race and gender, bigger body types are treated a completely different way than their thin counterparts.

If you're smaller, you have privileges and access some of us can only dream of, and it goes beyond playground insults and "skinny shaming." • • • • #bodied #body #bodypositive #bodypositivity #babe #babedotnet #thinprivilege #kendalljenner #kimkardashian A post shared by Babe (@babedotnet) on This is literally the best thing I have read in 2018!

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That's the level of "commitment" we fat girls should all be on to even get a seat at the table.Let us not forget that with thin privilege, you pay less for your apparel.There's more fabric needed to design bigger clothing, so plus-size girls are forced to dig deeper in their pockets for their next #ootd.Not to mention how rarely fatter patients get taken seriously when they complain about body pain — doctors always turn it around to weight, and blame us for our own discomfort.

Doctors don't realize what kind of mental anguish this level of dismissal can inflict on us.Some smart-ass straight-size girl will probably comment that I should bend my back to meet retailers in the middle and lose weight so I can fit into their clothes, but Case in point, I have thin privilege.