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Mathias Klein forged and finished a new half for the tool, riveted it to the old, and the lineman went on his way. The other original half of the tool had now broken and Mathias Klein forged the second pliers half, producing the first complete Klein pliers.

Soon the Civil War demonstrated the importance of dependable telegraphic communication, and Mathias Klein prospered from the demand for durable hand tools for the professional tradesman. Mathias Klein's forge shop grew into a full-fledged business, a company making a worldwide, respected line of hand tools.

Through establishment of a Mexican subsidiary, Herramientas Klein, S. The company built its international Distribution Center in Cedar Rapids, IA.ince 1857, the company operated by Mathias Klein and his descendants to the fifth generation, has grown and developed along with the telecommunications and electrical industries where Klein pliers first found major usages. Klein Tools also supplies a line of occupational protective equipment, which is exhibited in a separate catalog. The company's product line has broadened to include virtually every major type of hand tool used in construction, electronics, mining, and general industry in addition to the electrical and telecommunications fields.As always I welcome any corrections, additions, or other comments. Also listed in a 1925 Faeth Co, of Kansas, City, Missouri catalog under "Deering Style Wrenches - Stock No. Faeth was a hardware and steel jobber not a manufacturer. of Chicago, Illinois Armstrong catalogs B-20 (1920? ), 820B (1973), and 880E (1989) (all from Bus Haury's collection) show a variety of wrenches, clamps, lathe tools, etc. of Verona, Pennsylvania Founded in 1883 at Verona, PA.

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I have divided the markings into the following six categories: Part or catalog numbers corresponding to the numbers listed in the parts catalog for the product the wrench was used with. Note: The 1920 catalog pictures most wrenches with an "A" in triangle logo and the Arm & Hammer logo on other tools while the 1948 catalog shows only the Arm & Hammer logo on all products. of Chicago, Illinois Armstrong catalogs B-20 (1920? ), 820B (1973), and 880E (1989) (All from Bus Haury's collection) show a variety of wrenches, clamps, lathe tools, etc. 24,771 dated May 22, 1894 (claimed used since Sept. They produced sledge hammers, axes, bars, picks and railroad tools. Source: Ad submitted by Carl Bolt Mark can be found on axes, hatchets, sledge hammers, and railroad track wrenches, etc. Like the industrial fields it serves, Klein Tools has grown dramatically since 1857.

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