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15-Nov-2019 18:31

Silver and gold infusion is a special technique that is difficult to copy not to mention that quality raw materials are expensive, which makes replication hard.

Visit the beautiful island of Murano and see how the real Murano glass is created.

Then go online and check if the glass master is indeed located in Murano, Italy.

Furthermore, to make sure that the signature is original, compare it with the signature of the glass master displayed online.

Look for the certificate of origin sticker on the artwork, which certifies that the artwork was made in the island of Murano, Italy.

You may find more than one stickers on the artwork as there are different certifications available.

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Each chapter can be read individually, but to get the most out of the guide, you should read it from start to finish, take notes, and apply what you’re learning as you go.These Muranese families are the guardians of the ancient techniques of Murano glass blowing.