Dating multiple guys

27-Oct-2019 12:41

I'd agree with the above poster and at this point she owes you nothing and you owe her nothing.You're just getting to know one another at this point.Now, with that said, if you want this girl to be your "girlfriend", you need to step it up a notch and have that talk with her. I'm not saying things need to get serious too quickly, but when I'm interested in someone, I don't date anyone else. If I want to go to dinner with a friend, I do just that, I take a friend! Tell her you are going on a date (or even better actually go on a date) see how that shakes out.Sometime women will tell you they are dating someone else too in order to gauge your "freak out" level.Asking about her seeing other guys when neither of you are actually dating each other is pretty weird.It's one of those things that gets brought up if you're thinking about being even remotely exclusive. This is one of those chicks where you don't go on dates that cost money.

Im not sure whats acceptable and whats not when it comes to dating as ive only been out of a long term relationship for a couple of months.

I did feel bad about it though because i felt like i was being underhanded,but i wasnt i was just looking at it logically..