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Dana Delaney reprised her role as Lois Lane in the animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013), adapted from the comic book crossover storyline "Flashpoint".

Lois voiced by Juliet Landau appears in the animated film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015).

Grey De Lisle voiced the character in the animated film Justice League: Doom (2012).

Lois calls Clark Kent about a man committing suicide by jumping off a building and asks the Justice League for help when Superman is shot with a Kryptonite bullet by Metallo on the street of Metropolis.

Cindy Robinson voiced Lois in the 2009 motion comic Superman: Red Son based on the comic book mini-series of the same name by Mark Millar.

Lois Lane appears in the Lego DC Comics films voiced by Grey Griffin: Anne Heche voiced Lois Lane in the 2007 animated feature film Superman: Doomsday.

The animated shorts are considered to be some of the best animations during the Golden age of American animation.

Lois Lane was voiced by Joan Alexander who played the character on the Superman radio series.

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She changes her mind about them after they stop Dr. Lois also appears in the tie-in comic book series and the web series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.

After Superman's resurrection, he finally reveals his secret identity to Lois (telling her that he was a Spelling Bee champion while growing up in Smallville).