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02-Dec-2019 18:16

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She admitted to screenshotting guys she was interested in from apps and sharing the picture with her friends with captions such as, “Is this anybody’s? It’s awkward.”Thai guys hooking up with farang women are less rare than you might think but these unions come with their own issues.

From what we heard from our interviewees, it can be hard getting a Thai guy to treat a foreign woman well or respect her.

I heard him spell his full name to my friend and I Facebook searched him. He’d made a different Instagram and Facebook for me, had a different phone number.

Kate said that her Thai partners have told her they like Western women because they’re more challenging and opinionated.

All he wanted was that I become a dumb woman who relied on him and looked beautiful every day.She also mentioned that, despite logically knowing that it’s culturally normal for guys from good families to remain at home until they marry, she could not shake the Western feeling that any 40-year-old man who still lives with his parents is a loser. Any of us could be gone tomorrow or plan to go back to our hometowns; you’re just less likely to start a serious relationship here.”When my own partner reveals to acquaintances that he moved to Bangkok to be with a foreign woman, he’s had colleagues say “Aww, I’m sorry” and advise him to date a Thai instead.Men that lie about their past — or their present — can also be an issue. There is a lot of bro culture and back-slapping surrounding the sport of pursuing Thai women, a sort of “You gotta try it!“Some Thai women make much more effort than a foreign woman would.

They Facebook request and message men they don’t know.

One of the side effects of the limited dating pool is that she’s dated people she never would have considered elsewhere.