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30-May-2020 22:54

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Hit it up any other night of the week for the outdoor space, craft beers and table games like jenga & ping pong. e Harmony Advice presents a guide to everything you need to know for dating in sunny San Diego. With so many fun things to do and the best weather in the country, dating in this So Cal city should be a snap, right? 1) Location is Key When it comes to dating, all parts of San Diego are not created equal.2) Work Matters Traffic in San Diego can be deadly, so avoid the commute if possible and work near home.

If you don’t want to spend your time hanging out with your neighbors’ kids, make sure you live in one of the hot spots.While not as expensive as the trendier (and smoggier) L.A., it still costs a lot more to go out here than elsewhere in the country.3) Get Outside There’s a reason people live here, after all — and it’s not because they love earthquakes.

Most folks enjoy soaking up the weather and staying fit, making outdoor activities a great venture for singles looking to meet new people.There is a museum that features information about the park’s namesake, explorer Juan Cabrillo.