Dating brunettes website

03-Mar-2020 14:08

Some studies suggest that brunettes are perceived as more intelligent than blondes so that may (subconsciously or not) be a factor.Sorry blondes, sometimes brunettes do have more fun.Dating website Match studied its members’ profiles to determine what single Britons look for in a partner.

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So, in the end, three per cent of people I said yes to decided they wanted to talk me. I’d been blonde for most of my adult and teenage life, so I made sure to use fairly recent blonde photos of me, such as university photos, so age wouldn’t be too much of a factor. The difference was unbelievably obvious and it was immediate. That’s at least three times more than when I was brunette.A third said that quiet people are also more likely to be more expressive and playful in the bedroom – with only nine per cent saying that quiet people tended to be shy in bed.