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v=1494766395^Boker Arbolito Manicure Set Classic^20620810770~// v=1494766401^Boker Arbolito Manicure Set Classic^20620811154~// v=1494766406^Boker Arbolito Manicure Set Classic^20620812626" data-collection-handles="accessories,boker,boker-accessories,manicure-sets" This classic roll-up case, make from genuine leather, offers the perfect protection for your Boker straight razor when traveling.The pocket can be closed securely with two parallel leather straps and provides ample space for any standard straight razor in sizes between 4/8" and 7/8".The 3000/8000 grain size gives extremely straight razor enthusiasts two finish levels with maximum precision for an extremely smooth and closed edge.

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The leather case is stamped with a tree, its use and authenticity protected by the German government, denoting Solingen's excellence in craftsmanship." data-regular-description="Premium cowhide leather case Five-piece set Stainless Steel Matte finish Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world..." data-images="// spends a great deal of time cleaning, buffing, honing and using many other restoration techniques to get these vintage razors looking like new.The utmost care is taken to preserve the unique attributes that make the vintage straight razor desirable.The tang of the blue-ground blade in the historic design is serrated on both sides for a pleasant grip during the shave.

" data-regular-description="Carbon steel Resin, moisture-resistant white handle Solingen German government seal Hollow grind 5/8" blade Round Point The King Cutter guarantees a royal start into the..." data-images="//^Boker King Cutter Straight Razor^7313857216617~// v=1549859722^Boker King Cutter Straight Razor^7313697538153" data-collection-handles="boker,boker-straight-razor,straight-razor" Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world that's constantly cutting corners.