Dating bad credit

22-Jun-2020 22:42

The larger the gaps in your joint bill payments, the greater the possibility of both your credit scores going bad.Finally have a talk with your partner about your financial priorities.He/she may have been at the receiving end of some misfortune which compelled them to borrow more than what they can now comfortably repay.Or perhaps your partner just needs a little more time to establish his/her business or build a reputation in his/her field of work.If you continue to make regular debt repayments, there is no reason why your credit score should suffer.However the danger lies in entering into joint financial agreements with a partner who has a poor credit rating.

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However this is not to mean that you should reject a person simply on the basis of a bad credit score.

And even when your application is approved, the repayment terms may be far stricter and more expensive than it would have been had you jointly applied for the loan with a person with better credit rating.