Dating and marriage in togo videodatingtips com

28-Dec-2019 10:42

Some young women are under such strict control that they have few areas of choice.For them, adolescence can be a very long stage in life, often one with no clear end.

Because kin groups see the marriages of the young as a way to create links to other groups, they have vested interests in conjugal stability.But, although it may hold elsewhere, this relationship is quite tenuous in sub-Saharan Africa, in both rural and urban settings (see also Gyepi-Garbrah, 1985a).Although we have presented evidence that suggests that the age at marriage is rising, understanding the economic and social dynamics of entry into marriage is essential to the study of adolescent fertility.These definitional conundrums make it tempting to discard marriage as a meaningful link to entry into childbearing A recent debate has centered on whether the age at marriage has increased or remained constant in Africa.

Westoff (1992), who analyzed age at first marriage and age at first birth together, believes both are rising.A key reason why age at marriage and entry into childbearing are so weakly linked stems from problems in defining marriage in Africa.

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