Dating an intense guy

09-Apr-2020 12:23

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When I try to calm them down, (and i dont mean "breaking up" i mean NOT going 100 mph in our relationship) They cant deal with it.

After one month (again ONE MONTH) of dating, my ex was positive I was "the one" he even brought up marriage before that! The thing is, they DO fall really hard - initially.

Whereas that that I like at first quickly grows tiring to listen to.

I just have never experienced such intense infatuation early on.

So I don't think it was all about religious beliefs.

Thanks for the responses guys, sorry I didn't respond sooner to them myself! I believe most of what you're is true and I'm too inexperienced to add anything else but the external thoughts on the matter are appreciated.I've only met this person once and I feel like I've been on 10 dates with them.It's bizarre and it made me feel the need to step back and re-evaluate stuff. Even with this going fast, to imagine proposing to someone within 3months blows my mind. did they move in together real quick or are they religious and propose early lol? Indeed that was my worry and that's why I made this thread.In the "infatuation" stage of a relationship you tend to look past a lot, naturally once that stage ends the other persons flaws and habits become apparent, you have to decide if those flaws are dealbreakers or you can handle them.

The more time you spend together the quicker the infatuation wears off and you become comfortable.

I have no real evidence to think it wouldn't be great and I doubt a damn lot.

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