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15-Jun-2020 19:30

This is your life and you’ve been denying yourself the whole time during your “absent marriage.” The only issues you should have in any relationship is in how this person treats you and what kind of a human being he is.All your misgivings will probably fade away as you roll around giggling like a little girl with this gorgeous and caring younger guy.Plus he’s had a childhood completely different from your own.This is a little easier for you since you had children and had to take part in their likes and hobbies, but given the length of your marriage, I’m guessing he’s nearly a decade older than your kids.Are my friends secretly making fun of me or are they jealous I’m having a blast with a hot younger man? What’s your thoughts on older women dating younger men?If you don’t have a problem with it, then there isn’t any problem with it!Much of a woman’s sexuality stems from a deep understanding of herself: what turns her on, what intrigues her, all of her hidden nooks and crannies.Whereas by the time a guy figures this stuff out, their bodies are ramping down the wholesale production of testosterone.

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Cruel cruel nature…I know this makes men sound more like dogs than they actually are, but it’s true.

Mind you, this isn’t an “I’m older so I know better” situation.

You can NEVER treat him like you might treat your kids.

Without knowing anything about your previous marriage, I can guarantee you that the sex is way better with your younger guy!

Your women friends aren’t making fun of you for dating a younger man, they are JEALOUS of all the intimacy guys give you before they get stuck in their older guy ruts and forget about their significant others.The problem with dating older men is that they think they know and have done everything!

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