Dating advice for ugly guys dating phoenician coins

15-Aug-2020 04:39

Men are supposed to be the ones who make the advances and who take the lead when wooing women.

Women are supposed to be passive and receptive, not to act but to be acted that you were actually attractive, would you believe her?

All my friends have had girlfriends and I’m the only one who, whenever people talk about relationships and girls get “You don’t know anything about this” , “just don’t say anything, you’re still a virgin wtf dude” and so on. The more I try to look good, the uglier I realise I become.

When I try becoming good at something, I always fail.

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You’re drawing conclusions based on things that you assume to be true with no facts actually in evidence.

Women, on the other hand are incredibly vocal and supportive of their friends, even strangers, in no small part because they don’t have the specter of “fag” looming over their heads.

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