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30-Dec-2019 21:58

The fashion designer from New Jersey managed to defeat all of his competition and become the champion of season 9.The only controversy he garnered during his season was a few off color remarks that didn’t seem to otherwise affect his position in the game.

He ended up spending several years in prison, though his sentence was lightened due to cooperation with authorities.Only a year later, they were brought back to season 13, as part of the “Returning Duos” twist.Reilly went on to win that season after a fierce competition.Her on-screen relationship wasn’t slated to last after they left the show.

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Due to the audience having a negative perception of Amanda during her run on he was generally well received by his fellow housemates.

Her relationship with Olson proved advantageous because he was often the head of house, which meant she was able to dictate many of the nominations.