Dads agains daughters dating

20-Sep-2019 02:34

Obtén más información en nuestra política de cookies y tecnologías similares.Lo hacemos con socios de redes sociales, marketing y análisis, que podrían tener información recopilada por sus propios medios.My solution was to join the imaginary organization DADD (Dads Against Daughters Dating), whose slogan is, “Shoot the first one, the word will spread.” In other words, I had no solution.A month ago my oldest daughter Michelle got married to a wonderful young man.I made a habit of telling them how beautiful and smart they are. Michelle found a mate that treated her the same way. However, the example you set for children in the way you treat them is the most powerful tool you have to teach them.Michelle also saw how hard I tried to persevere my marriage through very difficult times She saw how I tried to make that relationship work – even when it seemed impossible to save.

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It’s a common cliche that dads are supposed to be very overprotective of their daughters, but is that really the case?

Have you lost control or are on the brink of losing it? The DADD brotherhood is growing and is currently 783 strong.