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18-Sep-2019 03:50

In the article “Purity and Pollution”, Nancy Fisher addresses the various interpretations of morality and immorality regarding certain sexual actions.Fisher argues that an immoral sexual action in one society may be completely acceptable in another place or during another time.Apparently “200,000 Americans are likely to be addicted to sex on the internet” (Waskul 369), and relationships and marriages have been destroyed due to cybersex.Internet sex can be seen as the ultimate sexual freedom because it has no boundaries, and unfortunately, freedom can be and is abused.With internet sex, instant sexual pleasure can be achieved except for one difference: cybersex does not involve the real-life sexual interaction that a hookup provides.This is the disconnect, but the issue remains the same for both social media and internet sex: they are eliminating the need to create lasting relationships because the sexual gratification is so much easier to come by.Various forms of internet sex such as text and webcam cybersex give participants many methods to achieve sexual pleasure, but the consequences of reality still exist.

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Others enjoy it due to disenchantment and insecurity with their own bodies, the boredom of the same sexual partner, or simply the rush of mystery and imagination.Based on Waskul’s definition of cybersex, this disguting, illegal, and unwanted exposure of the genitals is technically cybersex because it is erotic (to the naked person), in real time, online, and a form of communication.This goes back to Waskul’s emphasis on freedom and how this freedom can be abused, often in illegal and immoral ways.Perhaps I would have a more positive analysis of cybersex if it were only limited to consensual, sane practices. Do you believe that cybersex is a healthy way to achieve sexual pleasure?

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Is it fair to group all cybersexers into one category?Both actions can be emulated through cyber text or webcam so it is impossible to call internet sex moral or immoral.