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Yet, how many of us squirm a bit, to take on talking about the birds and the bees with our kids? What parents need to know about puberty and sexuality | Video in English and Spanish. What parents need to know about sexuality and sexuality education, myths and facts, what does your family believe?This 38-minute video from the Utah Parent Center addresses one of the more sensitive issues in the journey to adulthood. Your role as a parent. How to talk with your children about sex. Even if, as a parent, you don’t agree with everything suggested on the Sexuality Resource Center for Parents website, there is still a lot of room for common ground.This resource page addresses one aspect of development that’s important not to ignore with children with or without disabilities—the .

In the natural course of life, we humans can be expected to grow and change.

Providing honest and clear sexual health education to individuals living with a disability enables them to make informed choices and decisions about their lives.