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06-Dec-2019 18:31

“The first thing we talked about was apps,” said Agarwal.

The site sports a clean Apple-like design, requires users to sign up through the Apple-created browser Safari, and gives devotees a forum to, well, bash PC users.

Visitors are greeted on the home page with “Meet an Apple fanboy or girl,” then encouraged to post their photo and answer several profile questions, including “I became a Mac when “…” — to which user Cute T40 replied “I was BORN a ‘mac’ “…

but started ‘using’ in 1990.” From there you’re on your own.

To think there are people who thought this is what people would love to donate to, not clean water or food for starving children.

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One dating website on this list that we’re actually sorry it didn’t pan out as it could’ve been great for the people it was intended for.Which, firstly, doesn’t make sense as almost everybody in the U. It was crazy to think that this is one of the core identities for people and it’s no wonder that this dating site couldn’t be saved with an S version.